HW Adrian Shaw stuff

Dr Pepper (they call me Mister Pibb) M.S.Wright at READING.AC.UK
Sun May 5 13:42:36 EDT 1996

Dear people,

I have just been browsing at the woronzow Ade Shaw page


and have come up with these two entries

Robert Calvert
Revenge!, Cyborg 2, 1991, B-side with Pete Pavli, "Turn The Tape Over".

Michael Moorcock,
The Brothel in Rosensrasse, Cyborg 3, 1991, B-side with Pete Pavli, "Turn
The Tape Over 2".

Now I know about the Brothel in Rosenstrasse ltd edition single, but it
has been ages since I looked at it. Is the B side entitled Turn the Tape
over 2? Does it have Adrian Shaw on it? What is the Revenge thing by RC?

Can you please it explain it all to me.

Mike w

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