Trash Talk???

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Tue May 7 09:57:14 EDT 1996

> >No wonder Eric & Buck don't want to join us over here; some you are always
> >trashing them!!
> Personally, I would rather read some insightful criticism, than a
> fanboy's unending fluff-talk about how a band can do no wrong. It is the
> depth of the valleys that make the mountains seem so tall.

        Plus, I guess you haven't seen the drubbing the Hawkwind side
of the list regularly hands out to Hawkwind and Co. ;)

        We're _mean_ fans, who mercilessly vent our god-like (ie. petty :)
opinions on the innocent, unsuspecting recording artists.

        And _no_one_ on the BOC side has gotten the thrashing that
Hawkwind's manager Doug Smith reguarly garners!  :)


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