Club Ninja: Lamest BOC album.

Douglas A Mitchell DwnTheMtn at AOL.COM
Wed May 8 03:09:12 EDT 1996

To all the Non-Ninja folk:

>The toxic boy feels compelled to leap into the miasma and ask:

>Now that we've established that the vast majority of BOC-Lers
>hate Club Ninja and everything it stands for, might I inquire
>whether anyone would like to sell or trade a copy of CN
>(ideally CD or else cassette)? My Reasons:

>1) It's out of print.

>2) I'm a BOC freak and would at least like to own it
      for completion's sake.

I must chime in with the Toxic Thespian (by the way Tox, when
can we expect Part II?) with a wish to purchase a CD copy of the
dreaded Club Ninja.  I have tried, via Goldmine & more mundane
methods, to acquire a copy, to no avail...

I can always be reached at the eddresses below...

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