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Stephen Swann swann at PHANTOM.COM
Thu May 9 13:58:30 EDT 1996

Paul Mather writes:
> > On most performances (including the original) it's 'kiss the sky' alright.
> > But on one video (Berkeley?) I think Hendrix actually says 'kiss this guy' -
> > Hendrix is also grinning in Mitch Mitchell's direction during this line.
> Or how about the version of "Purple Haze" on the STAGES _San Diego 69_ CD
> where he clearly sings, "'Scuse me while I kiss *that guy*..." [my
> emphasis]  I guess Hendrix knew the line to be oft-misinterpreted...

And to add a final note of irony, I remember a similar discussion many
years ago on alt.rock-n-roll, where someone (doubtless a PSUVM poster,
for those of you who know what I mean) ;-) used one of those
alternate-lyrics live performances as evidence that the studio lyric
*really was* "kiss this guy".  ("SEE, that PROUVES I was rite!!!!!")

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