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Jerry stayer at PI.NET
Thu May 9 20:16:57 EDT 1996

        Beatles - 'Yesterday'

New lyrics:

        all the porn I ever hoped to get
        twice as kinky as the Penthouse Pet
        oh, how I love the In-ter-net

        on my screen
        in enticed by kiddies pre-thirteen
        soon I'm reaching for my Vas-e-line
        oh, IBM's my sex machine

        when... they're... right up there
        and they're wear-ing just a smile
        hey... it's... buns of fun
        'cause I'm one sick ped-o-phile

        where I'm turned by the younger set
        safer sex I know I just can't get
        oh, how I love the Internet

(from: Mad USA #345, May 1996)


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