Club Ninja: Lamest BOC album.

Chris and Ginny Sargent chriss at MDC.NET
Thu May 9 15:18:07 EDT 1996

>> >I will have a copy on CD yet, whether it be the US or the Scandihoovian
>> release.  The UK version?  If I could find one...
>So which is the UK version? When CN came out a friend of mine got the vinyl
>which *doesn't* have the "Bones of our Oppressors" bit on WtWC, but my CD
>copy does. Which one is the UK effort...(I can't recall if WF fades or not)
        I've got an import copy, disc says made in Austria, jewel box says
Made in Holland, it has the "Bones of our oppressors" bit. Just thought I'd
add my 2 cents worth........


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