Club Ninja: Lamest BOC album.

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Fri May 10 08:24:02 EDT 1996

> > >If there's a gaff BOC album its probably _Mirrors_ :^)
> >
> >I like Mirrors, I like
> >it a lot.  There's
> >only about one track on it I don't care for (YNTOIWLF), and the Great Sun
> >Jester is
> >one of the reasons I got into BOC in the first place.
> Indeed. I like Mirrors as well. The Vigil, The Great Sun Jester.. Even Dr.
> Music & Mirrors are all songs that I enjoy.

        Yes indeed!  Support for _Mirrors_ here as well!

> Of course, I was even bummed when AOF
> came out, thought it was too mellow at the time, though that one grew on me.

        Actually, I don't like a lot of _AoF_ overly much myself.  I seldom
do more than breeze thru Reaper, ETI, and Not the Summer of Love.  Perhaps
Tattoo Vampire if I feel adventurous.
        I guess I'm just a sucker for the catchy riff :)


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