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Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Sun May 12 05:48:43 EDT 1996

> >Tap is about a mega-band falling apart and Bad News is about a nowhere
> >band going ... nowhere :)  It's probably a _hell_ of a lot funnier if
> >you've ever been in a small-time band, since you can relate to nearly
> >everything that takes place in it ;)
> All the more so if you've ever worked in a studio and had to record hacks
> like them-they're out there in spades.  The hair-obsessed metal prissy-boys
> dropping in 2 or three notes into the middle of a minute long guitar
> solo-as if anyone would notice...

        Actually, I think it was the legendary bass player Colin Grigson
(ie. Ric Mayall) dropping in under a solo from the legendary guitar player
Vim Fuego (ie. Ade Edmondson):  "Colin, you didn't go ba-da-da."  "I did!
Not the first time, but the second time I went ba-da-da like a fury!"
"Well, we're going to drop you in for the second ba-da-da."  "I'd like
to drop you in the ba-da-da!"  ;)

        I was dying of hysteria right there :)

        And (like Spinal Tap) they wrote the songs (well, Adrian did,
mostly) and performed them (badly :).  Well, actually on most of the
tracks I think Ade Edmondson played bass as well as guitar since
Ric Mayall really _can't_ play bass ;).  But Peter Richardson sounded like
quite a decent drummer and Ade is a fairly decent guitar player when
he isn't in "crap guitar hero wannabe" mode.
        Plus, they were produced by Brian May, and do a cover of "Bohemian
Rhapsody" which is _painfully_ bad :)


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