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Mon May 13 00:33:19 EDT 1996

>I disagree - I thopught that on "Jester", Eric showed that he COULD
>sing...and it would have been nice to hear more songs in this really emotive
>style. I can't think of any other BOC song where Eric comes even close to
>this performance. I love his heavier/quirkier vocals (hell, the dude is one
>of my all-time favorite singers; whatever his true character is, I'll always
>worship him for some reason...), but he just shows on this tune other
>facets he is capable of...

I agree with this 100%.  My other favorite vocal performance of his was on the
ETL version of VotPW, which absolutely ruined the FOUO version for me.  Every
time I hear that one I wish I was listening to the live one.  (Buck's solo
doesn't hurt
either <g>.  Yeah, I know, it was post-Al, but the drums were pretty simple
on this
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