HW: live & studio

Tue May 21 10:41:22 EDT 1996

Dave writes :

This seems reasonable - I don't have a copy of Doremi because all the
good tracks are on Space Ritual.  There is no compulsion to buy all
their albums, you know!

For a very long time I ignored Doremi for the same reason. I only bought it as part of the remasters series.
However, the version of 'Time we left' is very different from SR. As someone who couldn't make the Alien tour :-( ,  just how different are the live versions of songs from the studio ?

Other examples of wildly different studio/live songs that spring to mind are Zeps 'Dazed & Confused' & Purples 'Space Truckin', in both cases  I prefer the live versions, and not just because they're 6 times longer :-)


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