HW: Amsterdam tix?

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Wed May 22 15:21:30 EDT 1996

Very Excited Bill writes:
> Plane tickets to London. I will arrive in London on the morning of June 21.
> My wife and I will attend the Brentwood and Guildford shows and possibly
> Ipswich. We will travel to Amsterdam on the 25th and arrive there that
> evening. I will attend the Paridiso show and possibly Tilberg and Arnham. We
> will travel back to London on the 28th and will hangout there on the 29th
> returning home on the 30th. We will DEFINETLY get together for a party before
> and after any of these shows.
> regards,
> Bill (very excited) Stewart

        Bill!  How did you obtain tix for the Paradiso show?  I'd like
to go along for that, but don't want to start arranging travel without
a ticket!


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