HW Tribute: Assassins of Silence/Hundred Watt Violence

Paul Mather paul at CSGRAD.CS.VT.EDU
Thu May 23 12:55:35 EDT 1996

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Christian Mumford wrote:

> New to this group, but an avid HW collector nonetheless...
> Appearantly there's a HW tribute album out on the San Francisco based
> label Ceres Records. The New Bomb Turks version of "Ejection" is
> availible on their new comp. called "Pissing out the Poison". Cool.
> Anyway, if anyody could provide me w/a catalog #, and if its availible
> on CD?? Also, Monster Magnet covered "Brainstorm" on their album
> "Superjudge". Monster Magnet rule!!! What other bands have covered HW on
> records??
> anyways,
> thanks for any info anybody could provide on the tribute album/covers.

Funny you should mention HW covers as the list is right now in the process
of producing a four tape set of HW covers.  If you have access to the WWW,
you can view their contents (the cassette inlays to be used) at:


Allan T. Grohe (U.S.A.) and Dave Berry (I think he's the one) (Europe)
are busy gearing up to run off the tapes even as we speak...



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