John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Fri May 24 08:05:44 EDT 1996

I just got my copy of the June 7, 1996 issue of GOLDMINE - it probably isn't
going to hit the stands for a few days, but when it does - EVERY BOC FAN
SHOULD BUY IT!!!  There is a fantastic article (something like 20 or so
pages) on BOC (they are the cover story) written by Buck's cousin with
assistance from Bolle.  If any of you find the FAQ good reading, you'll
definitely enjoy this many times more - in fact, this article should
probably BE the FAQ.  The amount of history in this article is incredible -
it took several pages before I even got to the point where Les Braunstein
joined the Soft White Underbelly!  There's also an article on the Brain
Surgeons as part of the whole package (along with several pictures of
BOC, Sandy Pearlman, and even a shot of Bolle with Eric Bloom and Ozzy
Osbourne from 1975).  The article includes a comprehensive discography as
well.  And I was extremely touched to see *my name* and mention of the
BOC FAQ in the article!  Unbelievable!  I've spent well over an hour reading
this and I'm probably only half done with it, so I can't tell you everything
that's in there -- but so far, I'm VERY impressed.  I will be scarfing up
as many extra copies off the local newstands as I can find to try and
make some available to folks here who can't find the issue.  Again, this
issue probably hits the newstands in about a week -- don't miss it!!!!


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