HW: Love in Space and all that

Assassin Soniqué sonique at HYME.PCMICRO.COM.AU
Tue May 28 06:50:24 EDT 1996

On 28 May 96 Derrick Chilton wrote about Re: HW: Love in Space and
all that:

> Damn right but even worse was to befall me.
> I arrived at Mike Lloyd bought the CDs played disk 1, not bad, inserted disk 2
> low and behold it sounded just like disk 1 ???? .IT WAS...
> Went back to M.L and we checked 14 Digipaks and all but 1 had Two disk 1's in.
> So some where out there are a load of disk 2's.

I'm glad that didn't happen to me ... being on the other side of teh
world and all that!


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