BOC: Good Deal?

Daniel Wikdahl mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE
Tue Oct 8 16:10:13 EDT 1996

theo wrote;
>Hey, I'm taking it easy on CN.

I know.

> You've doubtless read other comments
>praising it.

Yes I have.

>I like White Flags, Dancing, Perfect, and Madness [the
>musicianship, forget the gagging lyrics].

I don't even like the cover!

> This album's doomed due to
>the presence of outside writers and the absence of Albert is
>oppressingly obvious...

True, and I think Imaginos sounds more like BOC than CN.

>Maybe not weak, certainly stands up very well indeed when
>to other bands.  But I'd say weak compared to the first several BOC
>albums and Imaginos.

... you're right of course. I only listen to CE occasionally, not at all as
often as I listen to their other albums (except for a few, I think you know
at least one of them).
>BTW, The new ZZ Top album has the band posing in front of a wall of
>ORANGE speaker cabinets...

:-) :-)
Do they use them as well?

                -Daniel Wikdahl


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