OFF: Earplugs, Metallica, Pat Boone, Zappa et al

Ted Alger talger at PIPELINE.COM
Sat Feb 1 00:30:11 EST 1997

>Stranger still is the Frank-Zappa-link-to-Pat-Boone-Heavy-Metal (you can
>link Frank to everyone, somehow).  It's via his son, Dweezil, who
>contributes guitar to Pat's album, so I'm informed.  (He also contributed
>guitar to the last Spinal Tap album, so I guess he's used to playing on
>these whacky albums.)
let's not forget Dweezil's better-than-the-original version of
the BeeGee's "Staying Alive" with Donny Osmond on
vocals.....a masterpiece :-)
>Btw, I saw a clip of Pat Boone on TV recently, and he looked ridiculous
>(let's make no bones about it).  Pity they never played any of his new
>album, though.  Maybe it would rank right up there with his crappy Little
>Richard covers.
yeah he did look ridiculous (the American Music Awards show, right?)
it was almost as bad as Motley Crue's lip-synched performance.

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