OFF: Screams and things

Tully, Thomas (GEL,MSX) tully at LINELNT1.LIGHT.GE.COM
Tue Feb 4 08:37:37 EST 1997

You can pick up a Remastered version at Best Buys for $13.00. Sounds
great. This one of the great lost Black Sabbath albums

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>> Speakin' of Ian Gillan's screaming, does anyone have the record, "Born
>> Again" that he did with Black Sabbath?  Check out "Disturbing the
>> Priest" for some truly demonic screaming!
>> John
>absolutely.  welcome to the feast.   rj
>p.s. if anyone sees this on cd for cheap,lemme know. i only ever saw one cd
>copy,which my friend
>bought in a budgie bin for 5.00.  i got the vinyl,but i hate using my
>turntable(cos it involves moving the
>mountain of crap on top of it.) ;)

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