OFF: About the narrowness of BOC-Lers...

Ted Jackson jr. EL84 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Wed Feb 5 11:00:36 EST 1997

> From:          "Alex S. Garcia" <artefact at IMAGINET.FR>

> >I just get a little upset
> >sometimes with the narrowness of some people's tastes.  Does anybody on this
> >list buy music by relatively "new" bands which aren't related to HW or BOC?
> One more thing about this thread. I've been thinking about it some more, and
> I really think John has gone too far. I mean, John, do you know me ? do you
> know any of the people on this list, I mean personally ? What right do you
> have to say that BOC-Lers are "narrow" ? And even if you knew any of us,
> it's not yours to judge other people, whether it be on their musical tastes
> or otherwise. People are free to like and listen to whatever they choose.
> You should be careful in your choice of words.

Right you are!   First off, what difference does it make if someone
has a huge collection of music if I don't happen to like those bands?
A larege collection of music is only meaningful to someone who enjoys
all those bands.  Second,  who cares if anyone on this list buys
discs by 'new' groups?  This IS a HW/BOC list, fer crisesakes!  A
taste for 'new' material is relevent here only tangentially...

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