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Jon Jarrett jaj20 at HERMES.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Feb 5 16:46:51 EST 1997

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, John Majka wrote:

> Truth be told, I haven't detected all that many people on this list who are
> into progressive rock.  Blue Oyster Cult seems to me a band listened to
> mainly by die-hard fans of blues-based classic rock.  Ask for a BOC fan's
> top ten bands, and they're likely to be such things as Bad Company etc.  The
> Hawkwind camp is definitely more inclined to
> experimental/psychedelic/progressive music, but there is still a "rock"
> element there as well.  Ask for a HW fan's top ten bands, though, and you're
> more likely to see things like Ozric Tentacles or Gong.  Even though I'm a
> huge HW fan, I must admit that many of the fans (of both bands at BOC-l)seem
> like stuck-in-the-mud types with musical interests that ceased growing
> approximately 20 years ago.  I mean there have been an awful lot of great
> bands from every time period, and I guess I just get a little upset
> sometimes with the narrowness of some people's tastes.  Does anybody on this
> list buy music by relatively "new" bands which aren't related to HW or BOC?
> I sometimes wonder.  I own 90+ Hawkwind and Hawkwind spinoff CDs in addition
> to countless bootleg tapes, videos and vinyl, but just to cite my diversity
> (or possible lack of) I also own releases from bands such as:  Guided By
> Voices, Cocteau Twins, Thin White Rope, Pale Saints, Flying Saucer Attack,
> Dinosaur Jr., the Cure, Smiths, Morrissey, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Husker Du,
> Naked Raygun, Current 93, Smashing Pumpkins, Stereolab, R.E.M., Lush, Swans,
> Superchunk, Throwing Muses, His Name Is Alive etc.  Of course there are the
> expected favorites like Tangerine Dream, Can, Gong, Ozric Tentacles etc. also.
> I don't know what this proves.  Just thought you'd be interested.

        While I'm not going to come straight out and disagree with you,
you maybe don't know that the Ozrics only formed late eighties, and don't
really fit into the sort of time-frame you're giving here. I, for my part,
will back Porcupine Tree against all comers... yours,

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