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Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Feb 6 04:54:37 EST 1997

In message <Pine.SOL.3.95q.970205214448.9233A-
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>        While I'm not going to come straight out and disagree with you,
>you maybe don't know that the Ozrics only formed late eighties, and don't
>really fit into the sort of time-frame you're giving here. I, for my part,
>will back Porcupine Tree against all comers... yours,
>                                                      Jazza

I saw the Ozrics first in *'82*. (As I've said before, I misheard the
name and went around correcting people saying "No, No, It's Osiris
Testacle" for two years after that.)  My band and them gigged together
loads of times through '84-'86. They're older than you think!
Jon Browne

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