Unsubstantiated allegations

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Sat Feb 8 11:18:18 EST 1997

Johan Edlundh wrote:
> >> > Pat Boone has recorded an album of heavy metal songs. Bizarre!!!
> >> > By the way, what tracks are on the album (apart from "Smoke on the Water")?
> >>
> >> I know of two, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Stairway to Heaven."
> >
> >Going *way* off subject, Rolf Harris did a cover of Zep's "Stairway
> >to Heaven" (go on - flame away ... I'm not saying that's heavy
> >metal!)
> hmm, remember a Rolf Harris/Stairway to Heaven thread on BOC-l a two years
> ago (?)... since then I've actually found one of the bearded wobbleboarder's
> album, though without the Zep cover...
> however, the Pat Boone album sounds interesting, I really like covers when
> they're not carbon copying the original - and I cannot imagine Pat Boone
> making identical music as the above heroes... :0)
There was a TV series here in Australia called The Money or (or was it "and") the Gun".
Each week they had a different artist cover "Stairway to Heaven". They released it as an
album & video. There's some very interesting variations of the song on it, such as
Beatles-style, jazz, disco, Kate Bush-style, etc..


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