OFF: Kerry Livgren

Jerry stayer at PI.NET
Wed Feb 12 21:04:01 EST 1997

I said :
> >Don't know if you mean me or Guizar, but I'm a Kansas fan, yes.

Alex S. Garcia wrote:
> Yeah, it was you I meant. I noticed you were also on the Kansas mailing-list
> (though I finally had to quit that one, cause I was really getting too much
> e-mail !)...

I quit some time ago as well, and the Boston mailing list. Too much e-mail and too much
nonsense. BOC-L is the only mailing list I'm subscribed to at the moment...

> >Livgren's first solo album, Seeds Of Change, is a brilliant album,
> >especially Mask Of
> >The Great Receiver, sung by Ronnie James Dio.

> Funny. I'm having a hard time here picturing Dio singing a Christian song...
> is it just me ? *grin*

Hehe, maybe he didn't understand...

> >Isn't Kansas going to do a European tour?!?!?!?!
> I have no idea.

Shit, now I have to re-join the Kansas list again...

"if hate and war could solve anything
don't you think they'd solved it
a long time ago?"
- Geoff Mann in "Sequences" (Twelfth Night)

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