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dave cohen lapis at POBOX.UPENN.EDU
Wed Feb 12 20:12:08 EST 1997

> hi.
> i picked up moorcock's new one yesterday.(blood) cant wait to start it.
> while there,i saw the two collections edited by MM, tales of the whitewolf,
> and the other one,
> the eternal champion?? i think...
> i remember seeing a bit of feedback on these here a while back. i recall as
> someone said one of them really
> sucked. i dont remember which.  if anyone has read either of these,  could
> i get your oppinions please?

        there are two short storie compilations where other folk attempt
        to write stories using MM characters--

        tales of the white wolf (elric stories)
        pawn of chaos (eternal champion stories)

        to be brief and blunt both are quite bad (Pawn being the
        worse of the two), almost all the stories apart from MM's
        contribution to Tales are quite bad, i mean truly
        annoying, meandering, poorly written, derivative stories.

        if you _have_ to choose one, buy the Elric one as it has a
        good MM story, a good one by Neil Gaiman and maybe one other
        good one (colin greenland's maybe)

        if you want more specifics email me and i will look back over
        my copy for more detailed reactions.

        better to pick the sequel to blood "fabulous harbors" which
        just came out in the us, or to get the mojo ed. of
        "behold the man" (novella, with an essay by MM)

        apparently the Stormbringer comic will happen as stores
        have received notice about issue 2...yay!

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