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<< That's very weird. I saw a vinyl copy of "Kansas" (the self-titled LP) one
 day and it had a text on the back cover explaining how the album was
 recorded between 72 and 74 (if I remember correctly) but that they had a lot
 of problems releasing it and that it had only been released in 77 (which was
 the copyright date on the cover). I don't recall who signed this little text
 (or if it was signed at all), but it sounded as if it was coming directly
 from a band member (or perhaps the producer ?). Does anyone have this copy
 with the text behind ? It puzzles me... >>

Here's the back cover text from the vinyl version of the first album:

How can we begin to describe the years of frustration and endless
disappointments which suddenly and miraculously turned around and culminated
in this album?  We won't even try.  Suffice it to say that in spite of the
fact that this is our first record, we have around 50 years of combined
musical experience in one of the most unmusical environments imaginable.  Our
music has many faces and many moods like the land we live in.  It is a fusion
of energy and serenity, a melting pot of ideas.  From the very beginning, we
considered ourselves and our music different, and we hope we always remain

Thanks and unthanks are, as usual, too numerous to mention, but we pour out
both to those deserving and they know who they are.  Our lives are in this


Under this is just says "Produced by Wally Gold," so who knows who wrote the
above.  My copy is copyright 1974, and the inner sleeve tags the various
songs as copyright 1972, 1973, and 1974.

Perhaps they re-released this album in 1977 after the success of Leftoverture
and Point of Know Return, and added some extra text to it (much as the first
two Supertramp albums were re-released after the success of the later version
of that band).

Hope that helps!


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