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Max Wilcox s333271 at STUDENT.UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 12 00:05:16 EST 1997

RJ wrote:
> hi.
> i picked up moorcock's new one yesterday.(blood) cant wait to start it.
> while there,i saw the two collections edited by MM, tales of the whitewolf,
> and the other one, the eternal champion?? i think...

        I personaly LOVE all of the Blood series (or whatever you wish to call
the series), and also thought that War Amongst the Angels was the best.
        I don't have any of the White Wolf editions (I think that's who
publishes them), as I don't realy like the company, and don't have much
faith in anything that they bring out anymore...
        But then again, I love Moorcock's writing and would tell you every book
is worth reading, so my opinion may well be a little biased, as it

- Max Wilcox

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