Martin - dench - Imaginos?

christmu at LOGIN.EUNET.NO christmu at LOGIN.EUNET.NO
Mon Feb 17 08:28:27 EST 1997

>Hi boc-l folks!
>Here I am paying some two-bit shyster place to get online.... I need to get
>ahold of Martin - or 'dench' - in the UK -I have an Imaginos CD for you as

>Another one?  I already got mine from you in a trade.  What'd you do, get a
>crate of them?

I got friends in high places... seriously, there's tons of BOC stuff up here
in Oslo, and recently there's been a series of cheap dutch comps flooding
the stores, one of them a BOC one... it's got a 'TV mix' of DFtR and
Godzilla, whatever that may be.... I also saw Club Ninja in the bargain bin
if anyone is interested....

Does anyone know about this dench/Martin fellow? I'm in digest mode, so
please e-mail me if yer there Martin! (if not Imaginos will be up for grabs
in a couple of weeks...)


christmu at

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