BOC: Binghamton Show

Torgo torgo at NORWICH.NET
Tue Feb 18 16:47:23 EST 1997

>I drove 2 hrs to see BOC in a snowstorm, but it was well worth it.  I arrived
>at the Strike Zone during the opening "'80s Metal" band's last number.  Thank
>you Torgo for the directions!  Sorry I didn't get to see you to thank you in
>person.  Here's the setlist:

Yeah, sunday was a bad day that turned into a bad night, and the snow didn't
help either. I think I need to actually catch BOC soon, as missing 2 in a
row is starting to get under my skin.

>Theo, Torgo?  Anything to add?

Nope. I guess I have accepted the fact that I missed another one. At least
they didn't do The Vigil, Golden Age of Leather, and Before The Kiss (A
redcap). That would have been too much to deal with and...... oh, damn.

Be Seeing You.
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