HW Tattoos

Wed Feb 19 09:27:38 EST 1997

> I know I've banged on about this before on the Moorcock list and at
> alt.books.moorcock but I have to say it again.
> it should be  a) an unknown actor
>               b) 30-32 years old
>               c) English
>               d) pale, haunted look.
> It should be me. ME, I tell you!!! Brad Pitt, Pah! <ahem> "Whoooooah, I
> am *so* doomed, and haunted!"
> We met at Brixton last year, you'll bear me out won't you guys? Guys? Ah
> c'mon.......
> --

i agree with all yer points except the part about him needing to be
english.  why?
elric isn't british,he's not even terran. i love a british accent,but it
would not sound right coming from a melnibonean....i think the nationality
is irrelevant,and that they should create an entirely new
accent, sorta like marina sirtis did for the troi role. i do agree the idea
of pitt playin him is silly.
i like brad pitt,but as elric?  laughable. whoever it is,should not only be
pale and haunted-looking,
but must have a somewhat elfin appearance. say...rewind malcolm mcdowell
back to the days of clock-work orange...or caligula. rj

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