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William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Fri Feb 21 10:15:04 EST 1997

John A Swartz wrote:
> This posted to the AOL BOC newsgroup by Eric Bloom:
> Subj:  Miceli finds Rainbow
> Date:  2/19/97 12:38:54 AM
> Alas, just when Jon Miceli (my favorite drummer) starts to really get into
> the material ( read the fan posts earlier)....we must bid him a fond
> of the trials of rockdom...Jon will be joining Ritchie
> Blackmore's Rainbow while Chuck Burgi hits the road with the son of Julio
> if you get a chance to see Rainbow's upcoming tour...go, if for
> nothing else than to see Jon play his ass off...(and it's quite an ass).  The
> incredible Bobby Rondinelli joins us...his usual gig being Black Sabbath's
> drummer, but they are not touring now.  Bobby drummed with us once last year
> and kicked butt so we are very happy to have him playing with us again.
> Beginning this weekend in MA (friday) Bobby will be the man at the kit.  Good
> luck to Jon!
I am starting to wonder about some ex-Rainbow members. Bobby Rondinelli seems to be the
only one with any sense. Chuck Burgi joining Julio Inglesias's son's band. Tut, tut!!!
One of their ex-keyboard players is now in Billy Joel's band, while another is fooling
around with Madonna.
How the mighty have fallen!


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