Motorhead gig stopped

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Fri Feb 21 13:36:01 EST 1997

In message <m0vxvfi-0000BMC at banzai.PCC.COM>, Chip Hart <chip at PCC.COM>
>        Years ago, I read an editorial penned by Lemmy himself about how
>        much he *hates* having things thrown at him on stage.  He gave
>        examples of things he'd been hit with (including the coin) and
>        damage he'd seen done (a girl losing all her front teeth to a
>        crowd "surfer").

Crowd surfers, Grrr! I got my eye blacked last year at the Foo Fighters
by a crowd surfer. I was just about to swing at the fool when I noticed
it was a 13 year old girl. With bloody great boots on.
Jon Browne

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