OFF: Lemmy does Queen

Ian R Fines ianfines at JUNO.COM
Sat Feb 22 11:43:33 EST 1997

>> I got my hand on a copy of "Dragon Attack", the new Queen tribute
>album at
>> my school radio station.  Lemmy does "Tie Your Mother Down" with
>_Ted Nugent_
>> on guitar!  It's a pretty cool version, but Lemmy has a hard time

>I hear terrible teddy is now a radio dj in Detroit!  Can this be

It IS true....has the station named after his interests and everything:
102.7 The Bear
By the way, the Nuge is making a special appearance at a benefit concert
tonight here in Detroit.  Also appearing will be a band comprised of
ex-MC5 members Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson, along with Radio Birdman
member Denis Tek......

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