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cjohnson cjohnson at HPSC.HISD.HARRIS.COM
Sat Feb 22 16:33:05 EST 1997

>          [ArchMet] have a new CD called Creatures of the Velvet Void due
>          out in march on Black Widow in Italy.
>          <snip>
>          They are going on tour in april with Pressurehed and Melting
>          Euphoria. They will be playing Seattle, LA, SF, Boudler, Chicago,
>          Cleveland, NYC and Boston. This is not confirmed yet,

        All above bands are recommended, although they don't sound alike.

>          <snip>
>          Tracks on the new CD are:
>           <most tracks snipped>
>          Golden Void

        Does this mean a cover of the alltime classic HW tune?  After
        all, ArchMet did do "Sonic Attack" on their first CD.
        8^>  Let's hope its a good one!

>          Scott

        Thanks for the info Scott.  I'm there!  :-)

        Captain Cloud
        cjohnson at

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