Solo stuff, and all that....

Fri Feb 28 15:35:21 EST 1997

> Good day to all,
>         (or night, as the case may be...)

hi there,

>         (i) Does anyone know if you can order directly from Flicknife, or
> anywhere in particular could mail order their catalog? The specific
> reason I ask, is an interest in Dave Brock's "Agent's of Chaos" CD, and
> the like, which I believe were available on Flicknife

flickknife- (01) 993 6524      dont know if its current-

>         Comming close to the end now...
>         A last question is about the whereabouts of any Hawk videos. One
> particularly looks very nice to me is the "HW Promos Video). If aanyone
> has this, is this actually film clips. I like the live material that
> I've got, but I was wondering if they had any actual film clips.

i got it. it would be cool except for the bad conversion to US format from
pal.its like part live stuff,part studio.
it looks like a long mtv video, but with better music... get it from brock,
at hw merchandising.again its originally pal,so...

>         A last thing. What do people think of Helios Creed? I'm listening
> the Cleo "X-Rated Tales/Catholic Finger" album, and, even after having
> it for the last few months, am unsure what to make of him. I've heard
> his guitar on various other things, but don't know whether I should go
> out and get some Chrome recordings...

i LOVE helio's stuff.  if yer gonna go for chrome,pick up cleopatra's
chrome box. its very cool,and i think,some of the best material.

>         Anyway, It's been a far too long note, so I shall shut myself up,
> sit down for a bit, I think, once the men in the white coats give me my
> medecine...
> - Max "too much gin" Wilcox

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