BD is better today than yesterday, scary.

BREVARD Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Tue Jul 1 15:00:20 EDT 1997

> Yet the emotion and power just swept over the audience like a tidal
> wave.  Uh back to your point Al plays like he could care less if he was
> getting paid, "just let me play man."
>AB, you've just summed up a typical Real BOC experience, and it
couldn't be stated better.

Agree, BD is better than ever which is scary.  I don't play the guitar
but I think I know a great one when I hear one and Buck to me has always
been the best.  Others may be faster, some flashier but no one plays a
solo quite like Buck. Sigh I'm starting to get weepy just thinking of
those days.  No I don't want to start any retro threads but I can taste
what BOC would sound like today if the original lineup were in tact.  Al
remains a bundle of creative energy as evidenced by tBS music and Buck
is really enjoying being on stage.  Alan is still an accomplished
utility man and I'm sure Joe could be wailing away if he wanted to.  I'm
loath to say that Eric didn't like the attention Al received when he was
with the band.  Eric always appeared to be a team player, content with
his role of part time front man.  He also looked totally comfortable as
being one of the kewlest looking r&r lead guys during the 70's.  We can
argue his contributions to the cows come home but Eric has always been
and always be the perfect lead man for BOC.

John>In response to some of Adrian's comments:

1.  Review "The Thing"?  Well, perhaps at a future date.  Suffice to say
the setlist is in the FAQ, the sound quality is excellent and other than
the Krieger-version of "Roadhouse Blues", this recording should have
used to make *ETL*, IMHO.  "Cities on Flame" (sung by Albert as this
was about 2 months before his departure) and "Hot Rails to Hell" sound
particularly good, and it's cool to hear "Fire of Unknown Origin" and
"Heavy Metal: The Black & Silver" live.

Well don't stop with the Thing, if you have any others in the repository
lets hear them too.  I'm sure there are other recordings just as good as
the Thing, to bad they aren't as readily available at Best Buy or


lil' ab

"There are many mysteries in this universe, big and small.
Like, why do clowns make us laugh?
Why do we love puppy dogs?
And, why do little blue midgets hit me with fish?" - The Tick

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