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With apologies to our resident HW fans but I think its great that BOC
discussions are dominating the list right now.

Al>Yes that article in question was from John Holstrom's original Punk
Magazine. JH now edits High Times. And yes, we were upset about the
recording conditions for most of that album. If you listen carefully you
can hear feedback from the monitors on some songs but in retrospect that
remains my favorite BOC album. All live, high energy, even Eric's guitar
playing was OK. It wasn't the final result that we minded as much as
we had to endure to make it. Some great tracks were ruined because of
monitor mixer."

Hehehehe.  Not making fun of you Al but it sure puts a damper on my
thinking when I was 17.  I used to think Rock Stars had the best of all
worlds, 1st class hotels, limo's all the equipment they could ever want.
 When your sitting in the audience enjoying a show it dosen't really
dawn on you how much preparation and work you guys actually do.  All we
ever saw was you having the time of your life.  Think I'll keep my day

Gumby Man>The reasons I loved ETL:

GM>  *I happen to really enjoy the first four tracks (Dom and Sub,
Dr. M, and Red and Black), even though Al is only on one. These four
tracks worked well together.

GM glad to see ya dude.  I always thought D&S and Cities were rather
flat.  Yeah they are fairly well played and the overall sound quality is
better but these songs are just played.  They don't have any emotional
content.  I swear by the versions Al sings.  Eric is a better singer
than the pulic ever gave him credit for but he dosen't do these songs
with great passion or flare.

GM>Joan Crawford and Black Blade sound just as good live...a tough feat.

Joan is especially good on this one.  Actually I have never heard a live
version of Joan I didn't like.

Chris Baker >Regarding the recent discussion of BOC stage presence etc.:
 BOC was the first band I ever saw live (73) and I remember one of the
reactions that my friend Frank and I both had to the show:  "Who's the

A valid point and one I echoed a few years later when I first saw them.
It seemed with every song someone else was singing, be it Joe, Al, Buck
or Eric.  One thing I knew it was not Alan who just smoked cigarrettes
and played.  I assumed Eric by default as he did most if not all of the
talking between songs.  Any of the four could easily be a lead singer.
Surprising, with four vocalist BOC was never big on harmonies with their
vocals.  I guess it wasn't in vogue then but would certainly be a
positive attribute now.

>Re ETL:  Hate this thing, pull it out every six months to see if it's as bad
as I remember, and it always is...half the mistakes and one-fourth the
of OYF.  I'm not just saying this to kiss Albert's ass, either; as I
recall I
didn't like his drumming on this albums' D & S either, though I'm not
pull it out now to find out (I've still got 39 days to go)...and that
of The Red and the Black --  a sacrilege, an abomination, possibly the
drag-ass drumming I've ever heard on a BOC record, and horribly recorded
into the bargain.

I can't go as far and say I hate it but it is somewhat sterile sounding.
 I'll admit I don't own it on cd, have it on cassette but have never
bothered to purchase it on cd.  Seemed kind of pointless to buy it if
I'm not going to play it.

>Myself, I don't like Cities, Before the Kiss, Red and the Black, Buck's

I love all the songs with the exception of Dizbusters (please don't ask
why) I do admit that the music to Dizbusters peels paint from the walls
and is marvelous.  I just don't like all the aspects of this song,
studio or live.


lil' ab

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