NIK : BGG was OFF : Glastonbury

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Fri Jul 4 13:04:26 EDT 1997

>atop the southernmost stone for a bit.
>ObHawk: I did find a record shop tent at Glasters and nailed a copy of
>Quark, Strangeness, and Charm signed by Bob Calvert. The guys had tons
>of Hawkwind and related stuff.
>> Jon Browne

AAARRRGGHH!!!!! **YYOU** bought it!"!!!

I held it, had the money, deceided against risking the mud, took their
number in Bath, wrote to them yestarday......... :(

well at least it's in good hands. only 40 quid an' all.

Is 30 quid OK for the Bob at Q. Elizabeth Hall a good price then?

I'll have to settle for the dave auto on Levitation then!

Jon Browne

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