Off: Spiral Realms

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Jul 8 04:16:26 EDT 1997

In article <199707072058.QAA29037 at>, Ken Alexander
<kalex at EECS.UMICH.EDU> writes
>Cleopatra, the folks who put "Spiral Reamls" on the spine of _Solar Wind_
>and spelled it "Solor Wind" in their listings?  Who changed its title from
>_Live Transmissions from G9_ to _Solar Wind_, leaving absolutely no
>indication whatsoever on the cover that it was live rather than a compilation?
>The folks who put "Infadrome" on the spine of Pressurehed's _Infadrone_?
>The folks who put "Desideraturn" on the spine of Synaesthesia's _Desideratum_?

But on the other hand they've put out dozens of great records, which
would otherwise might not have seen the light of day *at all*

love 'em meself
Jon Browne

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