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Wed Jul 9 08:07:34 EDT 1997

On  8 Jul 97 at 18:19, J Strobridge wrote:

> > Terror Mystica (vinyl only release)
> > Space Sex (ditto)
> >
> > Obviously its a boot or one of those Italian CDs which bypass copyright
> > laws and I have no idea what the sound quality is like but does anyone
> > know anything about those two "vinyl only release" tracks? Their running
> > times are 8:00 and 2:55 respectively.
> As I understand it Space Sex doesn't in fact appear on the CD at
> all - the Gimme Shelter track is repeated to take up the extra space.

I think perhaps it is an indexing error. When the CD gets to the "Space Sex"
track, "Gimme Shelter" starts. Then about half way through, it skips to the
last track and we get the full "Gimme Shelter". Perhaps it is really there
somewhere and careful manipulation of the FF and RW buttons will reveal it?

> Terra Mystica can be found on the vinyl version of The Business Trip and
> Space Sex is on the vinyl of Alien 4.
> So if you want to hear these in their legit form and help make a
> contribution towards the band's salaries as well as the Hawkwind tour
> expenses then rush out now and buy the vinyl copies as well as the CD
> version of these albums!

Sounds like a much better idea than messing with the electronics! ;^)


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