BOCWIND: Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars

C Mumford cannibal at CUTEY.COM
Fri Jul 11 12:33:33 EDT 1997

Andy Gilham wrote:

> Yeah, but you know it's going to be "Standing on the Edge", more or less
anyway.  It's gonna be cool, but the BOC song it ain't.

True. Personally I can do without Moorcock's demented ranting/screaming (I
can't listen to WotEoT because of him!), but I'm sure I'm in the minority.I
hope Calvert performs it, he could take Moorcock's material and turn it
really sinister and paranoid, like Sonic Attack or The Black Corridor. The
reason it struck me is that it is 6 or 7 (or more) years older than the BOC
song, which means that it's a Hawkwind song, or a track at least :-)  -
probably something for the BOC FAQ there .....?

> Anyway, MM already performed "The Great Sun Jester" (slightly different
version) as a spoken-word with Hawkwind.  I was there...

But that was after BOC had recorded it right? BTW, I think somebody on this
list quite some time ago mentioned a Calvert/Moorcock demo/live tape(s) or
something, I'm interested in this stuff,  or was it all just a frightening


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