hawkwind name

C Mumford cannibal at CUTEY.COM
Sat Jul 12 09:27:23 EDT 1997

> Probably rubbish, but the idea of naming your spaceship, and brotherhood
> on it's 25 year mission after a fart-gag seems even less likely to me.
> --
> Jon Browne

I think it makes perfect sense - look, there were a bunch of guys sitting
around getting zonked, they decide to form a band at the drop of a hat,
come up with a silly name and then attach all kinds of far-out symbols and
logos and concepts and whatever to it, and every confused young fan would
buy their albums and wonder "hhuhhh, wonder what it all means maaan, must
be really deep!", and of course it is, sort of anyway :)  Think of yourself
in the situation, wouldn't you think it would be funny to be cast in all
this mystical light and what not  over a stupid fart-joke? I would! I mean,
are we to take the Doremi or Time of The Hawklords 'concept' (i use the
term broadly here :) seriously because 'it just can't be a joke or stoned
gibberish' ?. I'm not dismissing all of Hawkwind as a joke, I find a lot of
their stuff geniuenly sincere, disturbing, opinionated, mindblowing and
all, but hey, they are having a laff and so are we....

If ever I have anything with "Hawkwind" written on it on me/around me, and
someone gets curious and look at it, they always strain to read it and say
"haaawk-in? hawkeend? ha-aawkwedn? What the hell is a haaawkween!!!??" -
always a good time to bring up the nose-fart story......

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