BOC History starts....

BREVARD Adrian R. ABrevard at SHL.COM
Tue Mar 4 10:56:32 EST 1997

> Historically CN will be looked upon a bit more favorably I believe.

Andy>Jeez, how long do you want for history to make its judgement?  :)

I dunno, 10 years after they stop playing.  At this rate 2030 perhaps.

Paul says--

> This cracks me up.  You speak of "They" (often called THEY and THEM) as >if
they are some foreign race of space aliens, and not living, breathing
> human beings like the rest of us.  There are people on this list who work
> for huge multinationals and governments.  Are they "They?"  Are these
> people fearing the Internet, BOC-L, et al?  Should I loathe and demonise
> them as you have done above?

Guido> The fun thing about THEM paranoia is you never know who is one of
THEM.Now what THEY have to do with THEM is anyone's guess, since THEY
are an entirely separate organization (with the Illuminati pulling the
strings of both, of course) 8-0 ;-) :-) :-D (where's Dr. Bob when you
need him?)

Uh I think Dr. Bob is practicing in Delaware these days. 8^).

>Buck Dharma will be doing a Benefit Concert on 4/11/97 at the
state-of-the->art 700 seat Gwinnett Performing Arts Center in Duluth,

Marvelous guy that Buck.  Anybody else of note going to be playing that
night?  Couldn't make it but no problem sending a donation of some

lil ab

"People always turn away from the eyes of a stranger, afraid to know
what lies behind my stare."

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