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Just in case anyone hasn't picked up on this point that I've e-mailed
twice already, this version of the song plays out the film 'The


On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Peter Sondergeld wrote:

> Yep, I heard it for the first time last Friday night at a mate's place. He
> told me it had only just been released in Oz, and I usually take his word on
> such things. Coincidentally, I heard it again on the radio while I was in a
> shop the next day.
> I think it's great that someone has made the effort to cover Reaper, even
> though there are some things about it that don't grab me. They've altered
> the riff slightly (different from how I learnt it, anyway) which may be
> creative, or may be a mistake, I dunno. I also find it a bit too repetitive
> - fair enough they've left out the middle section, but it suffers without
> guitar fills and the like among the vocals (which are pretty good, BTW).
> But, having said all that, full marks to them and I hope it does well.
> What's good for them is good for BOC, and is good for us.
> Pete.
> At 10:14 AM 5/03/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >        Hi,this might be old news but I thought i'd send it anyway.
> >        The other day a local Australian radio show played
> >        "dont fear the reaper" by a New Zealand band called the mutton birds.
> >        Apparently it is in the top 40,and sounded ok to me.
> >
> >        regards
> >
> >        Marty
> >
> >
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