BOC: Thoughts on Spectres

Ted Jackson jr. EL84 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Fri Mar 7 12:23:42 EST 1997

> From:          Chris Warburton <desdinova at HOTMAIL.COM>

> Andy Gilham wrote:
> >_Spectres_ as whole is one of BOC's more time-locked albums, I think
> >- even if you knew nothing about it you could guess it to within a

I'd say that CN and Mirrors are more identifiable by time period...

> >year or two.  Used to love it, now, I dunno...  has its moments. I've

hmm...3OC is currently doing Golden Age, a song which justifies the
album's existence by itself.  I've neglected that record for a long
time, 'cause when it came out, I was playing in a group that covered
several songs off it.  I had to listen to them a million times to get
the guitar parts down note-for-note, and wound up getting sick of the
record.  Still I think it holds up really well.  If Godzilla hadn't
become one of the big 3, I'd probably lie it a lot better.  I Love
the Night, Nosferatu=great songs.  Plus it's got one of the best
covers of any BOC album!

> >been listening to _Tyranny and Mutation_ a bit lately, though, and
> >that just keeps on getting better - it really attains "unfairly
> >neglected classic" status.
> >
Well I wore out two vinyl copies when it first came out, so not
everyone was neglecting it back then.  It was the album that really
hooked me on the band...

> >BOC should really have split up after _Secret Treaties_... :)
Well, I disagree, though the first 3 are IMHO the best albums all
time in rock music...

> My first exposure to BOC was OYFOOYK (when it first came out) - I couldn't
> believe the combination of violence & finesse.  Needless to say I investigated

I didn't like it when it came out, 'cause it couldn't match the
polish of the studio stuff.  Lately I've really come to appreciate
it, for the reasons you stated.  Just loose enough.  Too, I saw two
shows on the tour supporting the album, so it has a little added
nostalgia for me.  I remember quite well the shows from that era of
the band, and it was a special time.  They weren't big stars yet, and
they were putting on a hell of a show in those days:  they were
really young and full of themselves, and it came across on stage...



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