BOC: Thoughts on Spectres

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Sat Mar 8 06:25:23 EST 1997

On Fri, Mar 7, 1997 1:23 pm "Ted Jackson jr. EL84" wrote:
> hmm...3OC is currently doing Golden Age, a song which justifies the
> album's existence by itself.
> If Godzilla hadn't
> become one of the big 3, I'd probably lie it a lot better.  I Love
> the Night, Nosferatu=great songs.

    I've always liked Godzilla anyway.  Heck, I still quite like all the
Big 3--I just wish they weren't such predictable set features.  I hate
overly predictable sets.  This comes of teenage years spent listening to
live Dead tapes :)
    Nosferatu is truly one of the great lost songs.  And what about "I Love
the Night"?  Isn't that on there?  That too is a fab track.

> > >been listening to _Tyranny and Mutation_ a bit lately, though, and
> > >that just keeps on getting better - it really attains "unfairly
> > >neglected classic" status.

    "7 Screaming Dizbusters".  Nuff said :)

> > >BOC should really have split up after _Secret Treaties_... :)
> >
> Well, I disagree, though the first 3 are IMHO the best albums all
> time in rock music...

    Yeah, I mean, I want my "ETI", my "Heavy Metal: TB&S", my "Veteran of
the Psychic Wars", etc.


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