HW: Dave on the Net

Sonique sonique at MAIL.PCMICRO.COM.AU
Wed Mar 12 21:36:58 EST 1997

Yup, you read right ... DAVE HAS AN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!

He mailed me this morning after surfing my pages:

> This is The Hawkwind Mothership calling from Mission Control with Captain
> Brock at the Helm. We are now flying online. Make contact. DB and KT

and then:

> Hello Paul,
> Just had great fun zooming around on your site, but I am just a barbarian
> in the computer world, back to the manual. Oh for the day that I can talk
> to it and it understands (Next Generation).
> Dave Brock

I'll try to convince him to join the BOC-L ranks ....

(Happy happy happy) Sonique

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