HW: Alan Davey

Keith Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Wed Mar 12 23:23:15 EST 1997

Timothy sayz...
>Is Ron playing bass live with Hawkwind? As well as Alan? Now that would be
>good. I liked 2 drummers in the 70s and would certainly like to bass players
>playing together, for at least some of the time. After all if they can have 2
>guitars, 2 keyboard players, 2 drummers then why not 2 bass players.

I thought Jerry Richards was the bass player??  What gives?

Keith H. (FAA)

P.S.  The webpage says the June U.S. tour might now be August, which seems
to be supported by the fact that they're considering festival shows on the
continent in June.  As I expect to be somewhere in Asia in August, here's
hoping that HW follows their normal pattern of multiple delays, and they
actually come in October, when I'm back.  :)

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