HW: Dave on the Net

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Thu Mar 13 04:15:18 EST 1997

> --On Thu, Mar 13, 1997 12:36 pm Sonique wrote:
> Yup, you read right ... DAVE HAS AN INTERNET CONNECTION!!!
> He mailed me this morning after surfing my pages:
> > This is The Hawkwind Mothership calling from Mission Control with
> > Captain Brock at the Helm. We are now flying online. Make contact.
> > DB and KT
> and then:
> > Hello Paul,
> > Just had great fun zooming around on your site, but I am just a
> > barbarian in the computer world, back to the manual. Oh for the day
> > that I can talk to it and it understands (Next Generation).
> > Dave Brock

     Come on, Dave--you're supposed to be the original space barbarian--you
gotta be born to surf, as far as you can telnet, turning electric dreams
into reality :)

> I'll try to convince him to join the BOC-L ranks ....

    While this is a long-time list dream (and , potentially, could be way
cool), I have to wonder if this would be good for either us or Dave.  Even
limiting list-mail to HW headers might generate enough volume to scare him
off, and ... well, would he suss out in time that even die-hard--indeed,
utterly immortal--Hawkwind fans can complain bitterly (and at great length)
about the band?

     O Brock, that art a Hawklord, David be thy name ....

    I know DB tends to be rather shy and stand-offish in person--hell,
given the way he lurks behind the synths it's no surprise.  I would hate
for him to be freaked out by the list, which could function as an ever
greater link between the fans and the band.

    On the other hand, I'd love to see discussions between Al and Dave :)


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