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Allan T. Grohe, Jr. AGrohe at IGATE.SPRINT.COM
Fri Mar 14 09:51:54 EST 1997

OK, now I don't consider myself a HW neophyte by any means,
but in my mailbox this morning, Mike Holmes and another
unknown person (thanks to wonder that is Open Mail) mentioned
two albums about which I've never heard.  Now I presume that
"time for Sale" is simply a live album dating from the
Amazing... tour, based on the note Dave Brock sent to Paul.  I
can deal with that.  There are a bizillion live
tapes/tours/etc. that I've never heard, and never will (that's
what the afterlife's for, obviously ;->

However, a post also appeared about the 'lost' HW album
"Strange Geometries", tracklist:

A Line (I Am)
Ruler of the Universe
The Age of the Meter Man
Berlin Axes
Experiment with Density
The Golden Mean
Sine Power
They've Got Your Number
Trans Dimensional Man
Turning Point
Upside Down
Volume Ten
Void City
Wave Upon Wave

What's the story on this one?  It looks like it's obviously
around the Zones era, with tinges of Brock's first solo lp???

Help me boc-l list, you're my only hope!


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