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Hi All,

These excerpts just in from Douglas in the Jungle .....

> Dave and kris's site is mainly going to deal with the merchandising which
> needs to become a little more formalised.

> Alan is working on his own project called Bedouin and will features Danny
> Thompson as I'm sure you know, one of Hawkwind's past drummers and Sean
> Massett from Capt Rizz+ on guitar.

> As to whether Alan will play more dates with Hawkwind in future is
> anyone's guess the band is so fluid anyway, however Dave and Richard will
> remain the nucleous of the live unit and for the time being both Ron and
> Jerry will continue to play with them. Ron who hasn't played bass for a
> while now is just getting back into it and Jerry has over the past ten
> years played with Dave and Hawkwind on a number occassions.

> EBS will continue to be Dave, Richard and Alan along with ourselves and
> both Alan and Richard have been constantly working on their solo projects
> and establishing themselves.  Hawkwind will inevitably slow down live wise
> and these two are still only in their 30s and 40s.

> The new studio album is currently being worked on and will be released in
> September as they are still deep into the writing of it at present.

> Dave's new album is in fact a compilation of his recordings and is called
> 'BROCK 7696'and in fact is currently scheduled for 9th June.

> Astounding sounds Live is scheduled for release on the 23rd of June and
> has a working title of 'Astounding, Amazing & Live' It is not 'Live 74'.I
> am informed that it was recorded in 1976 and features Nik, Dave, Blackie,
> Robert, Powell, House & King. I am busily clearing the release with them
> all at the moment.

> Live 74 was recorded at the Chicago Auditorium on the Paragon 16 track
> mobile and is owned by EMI and will be released by them during the year.


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