web "ring" proposal

Ron Jennings sprawl at STARLINX.COM
Tue Mar 18 15:35:04 EST 1997

good idea!

> This would require:
>         (1) Volunteers to be in the ring.  Please let me know if you
>             want to be part of this.
>         (2) An agreed-to initial ring order (which doesn't really
>             matter that much since the ring has no start).  I'm open
>             to suggestions here.
>         (3) Some sort of format for the links.  I can take a stab at
>             this if there is interest.
>         (4) An agreement that each site in the ring occasionally check
>             to make sure that its two links are still functioning so
>             that the ring isn't broken.
>         (5) Some idea of where we add new ring entries.  I am open to
>             suggestions here, too.
> Comments?  Suggestions?  Large quantities of unmarked bills?

suggestion, make a standard link-gif, that people can add their own text
on, to keep up with changing linx.
im working on my page now, and will gladly participate once its done.

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